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A variety of industrial fabrics and industrial textile filters, custom-tailored to the client, capable to meet any requirement and need for solid/gas filtration and solid/liquid filtration.

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Our solid experience enables us to counsel our clients about the most suitable usage of our filter elements across the different sectors of industrial production, such as the mineral, metal or chemical sectors, or the ones relating to concrete or energy…

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Both our team and Kayser group’s are at client’s disposal with all the necessary services to address the several issues that can be encountered in industral filtration.

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Our filtration systems

Filtri per depolverazione

Filters for dedusting

Dedusting filter sleeves/pockets/bags, in every kind of fiber and adaptable according to customer specifications  and customizable according to the customer specifications.
Filtri solido/liquido

Solid/Liquid filtration

Cloths, double cloths, pointed bags and special filter elements, made with modern CAD / CAM design systems

Needled felts

A complete range of needled felts,  manufactured in a variety of fibers, with different grammages, permeability and holding capacity
Tessuti filtranti

Filtering fabrics

Cotton, polypropylene, polyamide fabrics and gauze for cloths/filter presses and for the most varied uses
Tessuti per canalette

Airslide fabrics

Fabrics for air slides in various sizes, in 25/50-meter rolls for different applications, such as cement factories, chemical, mineral or lime industries
Membrane ePTFE

ePTFE Membranes

Kayser®/Filtrozella filter media with ePTFE membrane, the extreme quality at a competitive price

Do you have a specific project?

Filtrozella and Kayser® Group, a world leader in the production of filtering systems, are able to provide you with custom solutions that are based on your design specifications.You can also count on our experienced technical assistance and supervision services, both during installation and subsequent maintenance.

Filtrozella is a Kayser® Gmbh Company, a global leader in production of fabric filters and filtration solutions

Industrial filtration solutions for the pollutants emission reductions
Ecology & Technology
We provide solutions for pollutants emission reductions and compliance with legal standards, in any field of manufacturing industry.